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Start a blog for free and earn money in 5 munites {2018 GUIDE)

A whole lot of people have asked me for guidance in starting a blog. You might have even looking for a way to make money with a blog of your own.

So I have decided to write a step by step guide on How to start and create a blog in 2018.

What are Blogging platforms or content management systems and why do i need them to create my blog in 5 munites?

Start a blog on 2018 and make money
Start a blog on 2018

First and foremost you need a CMS (Content Management System) or a blogging platform because this is the platform or application where all your content are stored and made available to readers on the internet.

Examples of blogging platforms:

There are various blogging platforms available for free which you can choose from. Some of these blogging platforms include: WordPress, Blogger, joomla, tumblr , stumble-upon, medium and a host of others.

In this guide, I’ll be focusing mainly on the Blogger or Blogspot platform

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I’ll have you know that Successful Big-time bloggers I.e the likes of Linda ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, mazino oyolo kigho, prosper Noah and myself Afolayan Raphael Oluwaseun (winks) also started with this free platform

How To Start A Blog On Blogger in 5 munites

Before starting a blog on blogger, or any other CMS publishing platform, there are some important factors in form of questions you must ask your self some of which are;

1.What will the blog look like?

2.What topics will I write about (niche)

3. How do I hope to get traffic to my blog?

4.Do I want to make money from it?

5. How will I make money from my content?

6.What platforms do I want to use to publish my blog content ?

7.Where will my traffic (readers) come from?

If you have read and asked your self the questions above and provided reasonable answers to them.. It’s time to learn how to start a blog

Things Required to start a blog on blogger in less than 5 munites:

Tools required;

  1. A Google account (Gmail) if you don’t have one easily create a Google account here;
  2. Quality and relevant content.
  3. An internet enabled computer or phone (such as the one you’re using to read this post)
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Create your First Blog in Five (5) munites

  1. Open this link to go to Blogger.Com (opens in a new window)
  2. Sign in using your google account then click on “create new blog”
  3. Fill in the necessary details such as the name and desired URL (web address) of the blog. (At this stage you are given a blogger sub-domain i.e for free)

If if the URL is still available for use then you are good to go.
Once you’re done with the above steps, the next procedure is to customize the layout of the blog.

How to customize the layout of a blog

This can be done by choosing a suitable theme also called a template from the Template section ( you should choose a very nice template that beautifies and suits your blog, you could choose one from Blogger’s very own template store where you’ll find elegant themes such as the “travel theme” “simple” “envato and a whole lot of other editable blogger templates.

An alternative to this is to buy or download a free premium version of blogger themes such as “sora”, Faster” “Elice” and other premium themes either From gooyabi templates or sora templates ). I personally recommend an external template from sore-templates because most of their templates are mobile responsive.

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Why you should go for a responsive templte or theme

Google says “it’s either Go mobile or go home.” This simply means that you’ll be payed less attention to if your Website or blog is not available on mobile devices.. In order to avoid this you should go for a theme or template that’s mobile responsiveThis simply means that the way your website appears should be suitable for users using their phones to access the website

That being done you are ready to create your very first blog post. (see you there 🙂 )

After going ahead to start your blog it is important to be familiar with basic Search engine Optimisation (SEO) terms and what they mean.

Its also important to add a facebook likebox widget to help increase the popularity of your blog. Adding a related posts widget is also a good blogging tip.

Have fun blogging !

It’s now up to you to signify how helpful this guide was to you in starting and making money from your own blog in 2018 .

Tell me if there’s anything I should have added or omitted by using the comments box .

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