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Low traffic? You can Monetize it with bidvertiser.

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

Bidvertiser is a PPC advertising network suitable for small and large traffic publishers alike.

There is no minimum traffic publisher requirements. All you need is a good blog or website with a good audience.

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Note that you cannot use bidvertiser on any site with a subdomain.

Yes you can’t use a or. domain.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

Bidvertiser adverts works on a bidding method which means that the adverts with the highest paying value are displayed on your website. Very similar to adsense if you ask me.

Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

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Text ads are a great way to earn with bidvertiser. Intelligent texts ads are displayed in your content via bidvertiser. The only downside to this is that they sometimes may not be similar to what you blog about.

Sell your ad space with BidVertiser.

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