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20 funny memes (pictures) only bloggers will understand

1. Pakistanis and their low CPC.

Who else relates?. I just hate don’t fancy Pakistani audience. Did they offend the WWW or something?.

2. Aaaah!.. That jackpot, the thing is so sweet!. ranking without sweating.

3. Now only Pro-bloggers and SEO experts will understand this one.

We bloggers do not usually stay contented with one SEO tool. We’ll always get jealous of the other tool. Awogorm Matthew recently posted a detailed review comparing these two great tools. (Ahref Vs SEM Rush) .


Like seriously? You struggle to find that great keyword with low competition and then end up getting discouraged by the keyword difficulty.

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5. The Keyword Beast course is a popular yet very important tool for SEO. I Myself got it from and ranked in munites with my keywords.

6. Now this one is what most members of BHB (Bloggers helping bloggers) would understand. Some of us enjoy getting decieved.

You are always advised to make deals through the admin. But no!

7. The tactics shared in the Keyword Ranking Beast Course are way too good. Write, rank Repeat

8. Whoa the excitement at having so many impresions with a good number of clicks to follow along is easily killed by Low CPC.

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It’s a wrap guys.

Which cracked you up better?.. Show love on the comments box.

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