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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs and Price review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 overview The hold up is finished! There have been many holes, and hypotheses going on this…

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Is Samsung set to release the Worlds first Foldable smartphone?

According to a post on Naijatechguy, Samsung is reported to be working on a set of foldable smartphones . It’s…

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How To Easily Format ( Factory Reset) Any Iphone Or IOS Device

Have you ever had your iPhone stuck in a frozen state, your apps take forever to start, or they just…

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Start a blog for free and earn money in 5 munites {2018 GUIDE)

A whole lot of people have asked me for guidance in starting a blog. You might have even looking for…

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Things to look out for when choosing a new smartphone

When the time comes to buy or switch to a new smartphone, there are confusions that arrive. These confusions are…

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