Datally App : a must have for Android users 


Datally app home screen
My datally home screen this morning

About the datally app:

The app ‘dataly’ is a free data saving app with a lot of important features for android smartphone users. This beautiful application was built by google developers to help minimise excessive data wastage.

In Nigeria we all know how much we complain of our mobile Data being consumed excessively.

 I mean, my MTN 1.5 GB doesn’t last up to a week!!

This app is one of those applications built to help curb such excessive data usage.

More features?.

The datally app has a Wi-Fi finder feature. Sometimes you just might want to stop using your data to browse the internet. The datally has a Wi-Fi finder feature which helps detect nearby  open Wi-Fi’s safe for connection, really cool right?. It even gives you the addresses/ location of the Wi-Fi router and directions to get to the area.

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My datally Wi-Fi finder
Datally app Wi-Fi finder for my area

You know which application uses the most data: That’s not an all the new feature though but still a cool feature of the Datally App. This feature helps you know which app is consuming data and how to reduce it.

My recent data usage reports
Datally app highlights
My recent data usage reports


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