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How To Easily Format ( Factory Reset) Any Iphone Or IOS Device

Have you ever had your iPhone stuck in a frozen state, your apps take forever to start, or they just start normally and just don’t function smoothly as they are meant to?. Do you want to know how to Factory reset or Format an iPhone or IOS device? . Hang tight pal! we are going to do this together in this post.

You might just want to factory reset your iPhone because its getting on your nerves.

image of a man who is angry his iPhone is hanging and needs to factory reset it
It might make you rave with anger

Personally, I hate it when my phone Hangs, It hurts so much i really want to smash it against the wall!

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You hate it too don’t you?

reset your iphone

 Resetting your ipom it. hone or IOS device might also be necessary if you need to sell or give out your device.

You could want to give out your iphone or IOS device to a family member or a friend, hence the need to erase all your data from it.You could also intend selling it to a new owner for cash.

Whichever reason it is, you should make sure to Format your IOS device before losing possession of it.

How to soft reset an iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone has locked up and you want to restart it but none of the buttons seem to be working right, then hold the power button as well as the home button down at the same time until your device turns off and you can see the glorious Apple logo. Then let go of your iPhone or iPad after which, it should be back to normal.

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How to Factory Reset or Format  an iPhone or IOS device

Step 1: Go to Settings and then tap on General. Scroll down the general settings until you see Reset.

Step 2: Select Erase All Content and Settings. Depending on whether you have set a Passcode or a Restrictions Passcode, you might have to enter that code or password for erasing and resetting your device. Just remember, there is no way to reset an iOS device unless you enter the code(s).

Step 3: You will now have to enter your Apple ID password so that your account can be removed from the device, and ‘Find My iPhone’ option can be switched off. If you opt to merely restore an iPhone through iTunes, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password when the device reboots.

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Step 4: The reset process might take a minute or two, or three after which you will see the welcome screen on the device asking you to swipe to continue. It will then be ready for selling to someone or to be taken to an Apple Store for repair.


Alternatively, you could watch the video below :


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I hope you now know how to reset an iPhone. give me your views in the comments section. What issues did you face when doing this?.

Or just tell me if you enjoyed the post (Winks)!.





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