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Facebook To Reveal the Dislike button: Here’s what you need to know

Facebook dislike button feature

Well, its actually not the dislike button we have all been waiting for.

Its rather going to be called a Downvote feature or button.

Recently we published a post on How to make money with Facebook in 2018. This development might affect some of those streams of income in a way or two. Just saying though.

What you need to know about the Facebook Downvote feature:

Facebook is actually testing this new feature which will give users the option of flagging and hiding inappropriate content.

When the button is clicked, users have the option of labelling and reporting content and comments as either “offensive”, “off-topic” or “misleading”, after which the content is hidden from their view.

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Facebook has not hesitated to point out the fact that the down-vote feature is only being tested by a small group of people in the United states. The social media giant was also quick to note that it is not an equivalent of the dislike button. 

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Just so you stay informed, here are some pictures from around the web calling for the introduction of the “dislike” button.

Image result for dislike button facebook
This is one


Image result for dislike button facebook
here is one from the washington post


Image result for dislike button facebook
i personally didnt enjoy this one
Image result for dislike button facebook
where is it?

So, what do you feel guys, if given the choice to decide between adopting this new feature or trashing it, what would be your choice?.

                I eagerly await your comments

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