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Learn SEO: Meaning of important  SEO terms you should know. 

As a beginner, there are bound to be some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) terms that may confuse you. Join me as we explore these SEO terms and what they mean.

I’m sure you might have been wondering as to what some of these SEO terms mean. Lets dissect some of them before we proceed to write our articles .

Important SEO Terms and their meanings 

First on the list is the Keyword itself.

  1. SEO: Seo simply stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s entails how optimised your website is in order to show up in SERPs. SEo is a very important factor in the way your traffic is graded and your advert spaces are bid.
  2.  SERP: SERP means Search Engine Result Page. This is the page that comes up when you type in a query to google, bing, yahoo, yandex  or any other search engine. These SERPs depend on something we call an Algorithm to display results. Image for Important SEO terms
  3.  Algorithm: This is the method or program which a Search engine follows  to display relevant results for a given query.
  4.  Backlink:A backlink is any incoming link from another website or blog pointing to your own URL.
  5. PA / DA/ PR : These three abbreviations stand for ; PA= Page Rank,  DA= Domain Authority, PR= Pagerank. These three terms above are used to rate the quality or authority of a website. Most times these values depend on the number and quality of  backlinks that a page or domain has. Another factor known to influence these values is AgePA, DA, PR are measured on a scale of 1 to 100 and it is relatively more  difficult to Increase the Page-Rank, Domain Authority etc of a site from 4 to 5 than from 3 to 5. 
  6. Sitemaps:  Sitemaps are lists of of all the pages and links of a particular website or blog. This is one of the important SEO Terms most bloggers do not know of.  I’m sure you don’t grab it just yet. A site map is like a map of your website. It helps to locate pages, posts etc on your website.  Sitemaps aren’t meant to be read by Humans but  rather are meant for bots. 
  7. Bots: a bot is a program which performs a task more or less autonomously. These Bots are also called spiders or crawlers.  Bots are used by search engines to find and add webpages to thier indexes.
  8. Serpstat

  9. Bounce rate: The bounce rate of a blog is the percentage of users who enter a page and then leave it without viewing another page.
  10. Anchor text: this is the visible text of any link. search engines make use of Anchor texts to judge the relevancy of the referring domain and give rank to the content.
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Phew! hope you are now familiar with some of These SEO terms and what they mean  ?.

What do you feel i should add to the list? Is there any thing you’re finding confusing? kindly leave your reviews and comments below. Don’t forget to share if it was of benefit to you.

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