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Sure ways to make money from your Facebook account in 2018

make money from your facebook account in 2018
make money from your facebook account in 2018

Do you have a facebook profile, group, page with lots of likes, comments,  and you didn’t know you could make money off it in 2018?. If yes then this article is definitely for you. why? Because I will be sharing tips and some sure ways to make money from your facebook account in 2018. So, hold on to your phone well, if possible relax and learn how to monetise!.

There are a whole lot of monetisation options for facebook users, some, if not most are pure scam!.  Here are the ones i have tested and seen that works and convert really well.

Before you go ahead, its beneficial to note the fact that the more engagement with your followers, the easier it is to make money from your facebook account in 2018.

Ways to monetise a facebook account in 2018:


Affiliate marketing: it is no longer news that Affliate marketing is King. The use of Affiliate marketing is a sure way of making good money from blogs, social media accounts and others. You may have probably come into this blog ignorant of the term ”Affiliate Marketing”.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing  as a way to make money from your facebook account in 2018 ?.

Affiliate marketing simply entails you advertising for brands, companies, etc.

What are the examples of these affiliate programmes?

many companies, brands most especially ecommerce websites run affiliate programmes. Examples of these in nigeria include Jumia affiliate program. Konga Affiliate program, dressrite affiliate program

How does it work?

You share your affiliate link to a service of your choice on your facebook profile or page, your followers see the link, gets interested make a purchase from and you get paid a commision of up to 80% on some networks .

Let’s get a bit practical with it now shall we ?.

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Practical example of using Affiliate marketing to make money online.

so lets see one simple example…

  • I go surfing on konga and see this beautiful dress of 15k that I know will seem catchy to my followers as there are mostly females on my friends list.
  • Bada bing boop loop , a quick idea comes to me to promote the dress on my timeline.
  • I simply copy the link to the dress and turn it into my personal Affiliate link through the use of my konga affiliate dashboard.
  • I go to my facebook timeline and make a post about the dress tagging yinka gbadamosi and Juliana Princess orji (two girls with a flaw for beautiful dresses) to check out the dress on konga.( pssst, i didn’t leave out adding my Konga Affiliate link in the post)
  • It interests 20 out my followers and they actually click on my link and are taken to via my affiliate link and 12 of them make successful purchases either during that visit or in a period of 2 weeks that my konga affiliate link stays stored in their browser.
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Konga automatically  tracks their purchase to my affiliate account and i get credited the 10% commission. that means i make NGN1500 off each purchase. so i make in total NGN1500x12 = NGN18,000 off that alone.

i hope you are now familiar with how to use affiliate marketing as a sure means of making money with your facebook account in 2018.

Next on the list is sponsored posts:

How to use sponsored posts to make money with a facebook account

Sponsored posts work best if you have a lot of loyal followers and you get a lot of engagement. When I say sponsored posts, I simply mean that get paid to make a post on your facebook timeline.

This kind of marketing is called Influencer marketing and has come to stay.

As a result of the recent 2018 facebook newsfeed changes, more and more advertisers will begin to look out for social media influencers.

For example if you more of a fashionista, I.e you post more of fashion related posts on your timeline, then you could easily get sponsored to post about fashion lines and all that.

How do I start this?.

  • Getting noticed!!. There are thousands of fashion designers, brands and labels out there. Be it instagram, twitter, facebook.

They are out there. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to physically go to them or send them an application letter. Simply slide them a DM (I hope you know what that means). If you don’t kindly skip this section of the article. 

There’s no harm in trying. No harm at all.

An alternative to going out on your own is to use a sponsored posts platform.

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So many platforms are out there available for you to get sponsored posts for publication on your timeline.

These platforms include: Upwork, Fiverr, socialspark etc. Personally i use Dealspotr for my sponsoed posts.

These platforms  link you up with advertisers on the condition of deducting a share of your derived income. They platforms act as Middlemen– an intermediary between you and advertisers.

Their functions include receiving payment on your behalf and matching you with potential advertisers.

Sponsored reviews basically entails you getting paid to give a review I.e an “honest” review or opinion of a given product or service.

Now this is something I enjoy very much .

If you go below this post, a little bit around the email subscription box you’ll find a green pretty badge from Dealspotr. This badge signifies that I am a dealspotr influencer.

Most posts you find under the review and coupon section of my blog are sponsored by dealspotr.

On this platform I get paid to write a short or long review about any product or deal I find interesting. The interesting thing is that i get most of these gadgets for free.

Yes free! The item is shipped to my house adress and I get paid to write about it afterwards i get to keep it forever.

Oh I just love my job!.

Alternatively you can learn how to create a blog lust like mine and start making money in under five munites.

I  am led to believe that you have learned how to properly make money on facebook for free.

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