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Things to look out for when choosing a new smartphone

Key things to look out for when choosing a New smartphone
choosing a new smartphone

When the time comes to buy or switch to a new smartphone, there are confusions that arrive. These confusions are as a result of the wide range of choices available to pick from. So in this post we are going to be looking at The Things to look out For when choosing a new smartphone.

Before even stepping out to go “smartphone hunting” there are two important things to consider before-hand:


it’s often beneficial to identify the purpose of the smartphone you in intend buying. Say,  you might want to get a smartphone as a work device, as a gaming device or even as a Gift to a relative or a friend.

2. Budget:

Your budget is a very important factor to consider when buying a new smartphone.

How much are you willing to spend to acquire the device?. Do you want something flamboyant or just an economical device?. It’s important to set a suitable price range for whatever device you intend buying.

Having considered these factors it’s now time to learn about the details (specs) to look out for when choosing a new smartphone.

1.RAM capacity :

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The RAM capacity of a phone is simply how elastic the phone’s memory is willing to stretch when performing multiple tasks. RAM is measured in gigabytes and is an acronym for Random Access Memory.

 A standard device in this age should have at least 1GB of RAM.

Your phone’s RAM is what determines the amount of tasks you can perform before it starts “Hanging”. So when choosing a smartphone it’s important to opt for one with a high RAM capacity.

2. Battery life:

How strong is the battery life of your desired phone?.

Milliamp hour (mAh) is a unit for measuring the rate of electric power over time. It’s simply the total amount of power a battery can store at one time. It’s the easiest way to distinguish the strength or capacity of a battery. The higher the mAh the longer the battery will last.

In this present time the normal battery capacity of a smartphone is around 2500, which is a bit durable. But as I said earlier the higher the battery life of a smartphone is the better.  So always go for a device with a longer battery life.

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3. Camera quality:

As a lover of photography, art or a “slayqueen/ slayking” camera quality is one thing you should never ignore.

The quality of the images you capture depends greatly on your camera quality.

Camera quality is measured in Megapixels (MP).

4. Processing speed:

The processing speed of a device whether a smartphone or a computer, is the rate or speed at which the device receives instructions, processes  and gives the result. This instruction(s) might be to play some music, make a phone call, sum up some figures, display an image. Processing speed is measured in Gigahertz. “Ghz” .

You should never go for a device with less that 1.2 gigahertz of processing speed.

5. Internal storage:

The internal storage of a device is the quantity of stand-alone memory the device is capable of offering.

Internal memory is the amount of files a device should be able to hold without an external storage.

This is usually not a problem because you can easily extend the memory capacity of your device with the use of an SD card. But never the less it’s still advisable to opt for one with a high internal storage capacity. 

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6.Operating system : 

things to consider before buying a new smartphone tip 4: Operating system
The four major operating systems

The operating system of a device is a very important factor to consider when choosing a new smartphone. Different people have different operating system tastes. An operating system OS is the platform on which your device operates and relies upon for it’s functionality. The three major types of operating systems are Android, iOS and Windows.

” I for one prefer Android devices because of their flexibility.”

Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages (This is beyond the scope of this article). 

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  1. sure when it comes to getting a new device ,affordability comes in,thats why i love tecno products,they give you great devices with nice specs at an affordable price,eg in the cases of the tecno spark and spark plus or even the new camon cm

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