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8 Steps To Write A Beautiful Article


so you have finally tought about abandoning the downgrading habit of verbatim (copy and paste) –a very cruel act of stealing hard sourced content belonging  to a wiser and maybe a serious writer all because of the discouraging obstacles that faces you when you think of actually settling down to write your own original and unique article.

Questions like;


  • “What do I write about? “
  • “who’s gonna help me type?”
  • “How do I start”
  • “How do I know how organized my content is? “

relax as  below are some very vital tips that if followed correctly should show you how easy it is to write your very own article

1. Decide on a topic:

There has to be something you feel inclined to write about. Be it instructional , informative,
or educative Educative

 Make sure your topic will be something you really know about, if not you should do a research extensively in order to gather all the relevant information about the topic you’ve chosen to write about (it’s just like me choosing to write about this topic and all I know is  the art of woodworking , you can expect the result to be a total  failure right ) well, also imagine me a carpenter choosing to write a DIY (Do It Yourself)  article on constructing a simple chair from home. Even without good writing skills I could easily hire someone to convert my ideas into words and letters

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2. Choose your keywords carefully:

what exactly are keywords?  keywords  are the main focus points of your article and should appear in a sensible manner frequently in most parts of your essay  (a vivid example is found  in this essay.  You might notice that my main keywords here are: article, writing, blogging; and that the longchain keyword here is article writing in blogging , see how frequently it appears all around this article ) You’re just noticing this  right? It’s because I optimised the article so it will rank higher on search engines.

3. Plan your content:

Note down basic points you’ll like to write on under your topic;

What you see in the image is actually how I started this post when I set out to write about writing a successful blog post
Note that I wrote down my points first and then started to build up on them by discussing them as you can notice in this article.

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4.Write the way you speak:

That is arguably the best way to go about writing a successful blog article.
Get your ideas open,
present them the same way you’ll talk to an audience eager to hear what you have to say, or better still it’s safer to imagine your reader as a less knowledgeablesibling looking up to you for your insight on a particular issue.
If you’re the shy type in reality (Just as I am)  it’s important to adopt the thinking logic that there’s no way you’ll get to see your audience and how they are reacting to your article or speech as the case maybe with a real life audience (that’s unless you are actually as sophisticated  and wise to use Google Analytics and other traffic monitoring tools).
So go on speak to write (I do that with a voice to text application  that I’ll only disclose or share upon request in the comments box).

5.Add images to your post: This is not really necessary but would be useful in adding spice to your article, as some readers might get bored of seeing too much text in your article.

6.Review your write-up:
yes that’s one of the fundamental steps to take when writing an article anywhere as there could be some tiny or in most cases major errors either typographical grammatical or punctuational that you made during the initial writing process. Most CMS platforms give you a preview option before you publish your article  . It’s also advisable to get trusted people to proofread your blog post before you publish it (if you need serious insights on any article you feel inspired to write aftepr reading this guide I’ll be willing to help).

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7.Make it search engine optimised: I will write more on search engine optimisation in a later post.  You can drop a comment asking for the link to the article or you could just subscribe to my email list where you’ll get the opportunity of reading all my rich articles sent to your email address for free!

8. Sign out gracefully. Yes there’s nothing more better than a nice exit or conclusion after writing an article. Sometimes this could be even the hardest part of writing a successful blog article or post as you don’t know how to end it.  in most cases where I’m left in this kind of compromising situation (just as I am now)  nd feedback

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